Why You Should Use Candles If You Are Interested In Selling Your Home?

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During the staging process, real estate agents frequently advise their clients to use scented candles. The pleasant perfume of scented candles is just how to make your property smell good, and it can go a long way towards speeding up the sale of your home.

A scented candle, similar to furniture staging, creates a mood, allowing potential buyers to sense the home’s potential.

Please keep in mind that it is always preferable to eliminate the source of unwanted odors rather than masking them with candles. Before any showings, take the time to thoroughly clean and air out the property. The candle should enhance rather than conceal the home’s flaws.

Here, https://graciemoonscents.com/, are some of our favorite candles to help you get your property sold.

Candles with the Best Scents for Selling a House

Using Lavender to Create a Relaxing Home Tour

Selling a property may be difficult and anxiety-inducing, since both buyers and sellers have a lot riding on it. Using scents that promote peace is one of the simplest methods to create a more relaxing environment. Lavender is the only one of these that has been scientifically proven to help with relaxation.

Lavender is our top choice for home sellers looking to create a friendly environment for potential buyers, as well as a general solution for making your home smell wonderful.

The aroma exudes serenity, peace, and calmness, all of which are in short supply during open houses and viewings. Men and women alike enjoy the aroma of our best-selling Lavender Fields candle, which is scented with pure lavender flowers.

Tip: You know you have an advantage when buyers relax as soon as they walk inside your property.

Pine: For a Light, Airy Open House Feel

Shinrin-yoku, which translates as “forest bathing” in Japanese, recalls the quiet and serenity that comes with a walk in the woods. While lighting a pine-scented candle during an open house won’t completely recreate the feeling of being in touch with nature, it will assist to conjure it. Pine fragrances are thought to help focus and calm the mind.

The chilly fog that wraps over pine and fir trees inspired our Pine & Fir Balsam candle, which is complemented with the inviting warmth of spicy cardamom and pepper.

Pine is a popular unisex relaxing perfume that can be worn all year.

Vanilla is the epitome of comfort and coziness.

Vanilla has earned a terrible rap in recent years, with the word “vanilla” being associated with “boring” and “basic.” In actuality, vanilla has one of the coziest scents conceivable, and science has even proved that it may help people relax.

Try our Crème Brûlée candle if you want to take vanilla to the next level on your next home showing – it has a rich vanilla custard smell that adds a touch of polish to basic vanilla.

Vanilla captures the qualities that most people seek in their homes: warmth, tranquillity, and familiarity.

Citrus: For a burst of energizing energy during home tours

It’s exhausting to look for a home. Your sellers have most likely looked at a lot of homes during their hunt. Your house seekers will be greeted by citrus fragrances, which will give them a surge of energy and optimism. They’re also modern, clean, and fresh, making them a great way to make your home smell nice.

The scent of our Rosemary & Bergamot candle is like a sunny Mediterranean garden floating in through the window. The bright and zesty bergamot is balanced by the earthy aroma of rosemary.

Tip: Citrus scented candles are ideal for lighting in the kitchen when you want a subtle food fragrance.

Beachy: It’s ideal for a laid-back vacation vibe.

You’ll want to accentuate the easygoing, beachy element of the place if you’re selling a beach cottage or holiday home. Your homebuyers are seeking a break from the routine, so transport them with a faint tropical smell that will make them feel like they’re already on the beach.

With a relaxing blend of orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, rose, and musk as a base note, our White Sand Beach candle transports you to the beach. It’s like taking a bright, sunny beach walk at any time.

Tip: Perfect for beach and vacation houses to create a calm, vacation mood.

Using Candles to Create a Safe Atmosphere for a Viewing

1. Light any scented candles at least 15 minutes before the start of the open house to allow the wax to melt and release the smell.

2. Before lighting any candles, make sure the house is clean and adequately ventilated. Scented candles should be used to improve the home rather than to mask unpleasant odors.

3. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are popular places for candles during a home showing. If you’re using a different scented candle for different regions of the house, try to keep the scents “separated.”

4. Make sure your agent knows where you’ve lit candles and keep them out of reach of little children (a candle on a low coffee table may look beautiful, but it’s safer on a higher kitchen counter).

5. Don’t light candles near anything flammable, and make sure the candles are extinguished after the open house.