The Best Tips and Tricks For Infinity Kingdoms Game

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Below are some beginner tips and tricks that will allow you to quickly progress in the Infinity Kingdom’s early stages.

Choose your Kingdom

You will be presented with three kingdoms when you start Infinity Kingdom. These are Vitas Ruslan and Ydvia. Each kingdom has its own perk or alliance. We recommend that you choose the one that grants you VIP points and gems, if you are unsure which one to choose.

Special Focus on Completing Chapter Objectives

Infinity Kingdom will offer you a wide range of missions and objectives when you first start it. You will be guided through the first chapter, and given an overview of all the features. It is best to focus your attention on the objectives of the chapters rather than the missions once the tutorial session has ended. Tap on the small tower icon at the bottom of the screen to see a list with the objectives that you must complete to advance to the next chapter.

Join an Alliance

You should join an alliance as soon possible to make progress in the game and reap the rewards. It will also help you survive in the PvP-centric Infinity Kingdom. The greatest benefit of joining an alliance is the ability to receive and give assistance to other members. As you progress in your alliance, getting assistance can significantly reduce the time it takes to construct and research. You can join an alliance and receive rewards for your efforts in certain feats. These include resource gathering and gnome boss Sieges.

Always Recruit Troops

Your kingdom’s military beginners strength is determined by the number of troops available to it when fighting against gnomes or other players. You need to manage your troop numbers, because some troops can be injured in battle or die while being treated at the hospital. Therefore, you need to ensure that your Training Grounds are always full of troops so you can easily replace them. You should train your troops as many times as possible before your barracks reach Level 10. After that, all your tier 1 troops will automatically be upgraded to tier 2. Tier 1 troops can no longer be trained as they take less time and require less resources. Tap the military soldier helmet icon in the middle of the screen to train your troops faster. The initial set of troops will be 1; however, ranking up in your castle will unlock more troops until you have 4 squads ready to go into battle. To improve your healing power, upgrade your hospital.

Unlock Production Buildings

Even if your primary focus is on the Chapter objectives, it’s important to still find the time to unlock and build all the basic structures within your kingdom so that you can start a routine production of various resources. Each of the four sets of production buildings in your Kingdom will generate the basic resources that you need to sustain your camp. These include the quarries, lumber mills and smelters. Only two of these will be available at the beginning of the game. However, more will become available for construction once your castle reaches certain levels.

Upgrading your Buildings

Your kingdom’s power will be greatly improved if you keep upgrading your buildings, especially the Castle. Your Castle can also be upgraded to unlock new abilities, troops, or game modes. Unlocking a second builder is the fastest way to upgrade your buildings. You can do this by buying the ‘Contract Building’, which can be bought through the shop with gems or by exploring the ruins on the map. An in-game pack that will grant you a permanent second developer is also available for purchase.