Paid Survey Review Sites: Can You Trust Them?

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Paid surveys online are a popular way of making extra money. There are many survey sites.

There are many sites available, so there is a lot of reviews. Can these paid survey site reviews be trusted?

That is the short answer: it depends.

While there are many reviews that are helpful and can be of assistance, there are also many that are not honest and have another agenda.

I have done many surveys and tested many websites. I also have read hundreds of reviews. I’ve also learned to distinguish between a fake review and one you can trust.

This article will help you distinguish between positive and negative reviews. It will also explain how you can get the most out of paid surveys with good reviews.

You might then wonder why you should believe what I write since I have outlined a lot of dishonest information. You should not also trust me immediately.

It is my recommendation that you read the information to see if it makes sense. Use what information you can if it makes sense.

You can leave the site at any time, but I would appreciate your feedback at the end. This will allow me to find out what information is missing. Let’s get to the point.

What can reviews do for you?

Let’s first discuss why it is a good idea for people to review paid survey sites.

You are probably already looking for suggestions in many areas of your life. Before they use a product, most people seek out feedback from others.

This is a great idea, and many of us do this online and offline. Not all reviews are truthful. Survey sites are not the only thing that is a problem, there are also other reviews. Here, I will concentrate on the survey sites.

In regard to survey sites, it will not cost you money to test a survey site in most cases, unless you end up joining one of the survey scam sites that charge you for joining.

It can cost you a lot of time and effort if you sign up for the wrong site. There are many differences between the features and how they work. It can be helpful to find pages that give honest reviews so that you only join the ones that are worthwhile for you.

What could possibly be more dishonest than disreputable reviews?

You might be apprehensive about why survey sites would allow you to review them dishonestly if you aren’t involved in marketing or advertising.

A video I made explaining why people review fake survey sites has been posted. The video also contains all details.

This can happen for many reasons. Based on my experience, there are two main reasons.

Reason 1 – Sometimes reviews try to sell you another product.

Online, there are many ways to make money. However, few of these opportunities are actually good ones. Many people are reviewing all types of online opportunities.

This is a great idea. It can prevent people from being scammed or wasting their time.

However, many of these reviews are negative about survey sites. I have read many survey site reviews that are not very objective, but mostly bashing survey sites because it is not a way to make a living online.

While it is true that surveys are not the best way to make a living or to get rich, it does not necessarily mean that they are not an excellent opportunity.

While not everyone wants to make a living on the internet, many people are interested in earning extra income. Surveys are the best way to do this online. This makes it a wonderful opportunity for me.

There are still many negative reviews about survey sites. This is because they try to sell you other online business tools.

You might want to sign up for one of these. Many reviews are written to drive traffic to the site and then to try to convince you to sign up for another product or service (often one that you will have to pay for).

You might be interested in joining another opportunity, as mentioned. Now that you understand the motivation behind reviews, you can hopefully make informed decisions.

Reason 2 – These reviews are designed to convince you to sign up for a site.

Another type of review is designed to convince you to sign up for a particular survey site. You may have noticed that many survey sites offer a referral program.

If someone joins via your invitation link, you will receive a small commission.

This is fine. I use invitation links similar to this for my review sites. Only if the survey site I recommend is one that I have personally tested.

These links are a way to cover the cost of maintaining a website with current and comprehensive information.

Referral links are great and can be used to build a website. However, some people misuse them and try to convince you to sign up for survey sites that sound positive.

People who write such reviews don’t realize that you won’t get anything if people join your link unless they also use the survey site.

They will do it only if they have been given accurate and truthful information regarding the opportunities.

Many of the negative and untrue reviews posted on review websites are a result of people not understanding what it means to be a review site. It is about helping people. This will in some cases lead to you making a little more on your assistance.

However, there are also some promote outright scam survey websites.

They often convince you that online surveys can make you rich. They will often promote survey sites that require you to sign up and then they will get a portion of your joining fee.

Joining fees are not required. For a survey website, and if a review recommends a site that charges you to sign up, you should leave immediately and look for another source.

Are large review sites reliable?

There are some big review sites for example Trustpilot, where you can find reviews of thousands of products and services, and where thousands of people leave small reviews every day.

These sites can often provide valuable information. However, be aware that they can be manipulated. People can leave fake reviews and alter the results.

I’ve seen too many positive reviews and too few ratings on sites like these. This is far from what the site offers.

However, you can still visit some large review sites to get more information. Be critical of the results if they are too positive or negative.

These big review sites don’t provide more detailed information on a service. You need to find a trusted review site that you can trust and which will give you detailed information before you sign up for sites.

How can you spot a biased review?

I’ve heard it said that paid survey sites can be difficult to find objective reviews. That has absolutely also been my own experience and was also one of the main motivations to make

Here are some easy ways to tell if a review has been honest.

Tip 1: Exaggeratedly Negative

A negative review about a survey site can indicate that the site is trying to sell you another product.

If the review isn’t honest, it cannot be used as a way to identify the problem. Some scam sites have negative reviews, which I find very concerning.

Negative reviews will be written if there are no positive comments about a site.

You can often see from reviews whether the person is actually knowledgeable about the product or just trying to sell you something.

Be aware that negative reviews can be exaggerated, but don’t use them as the only way you will find out if they are true.

Tip 2: Exaggeratedly Positive

This is also what I explained above. It could be that the review only focuses on the positives and is not meant to encourage you to sign up.

Exaggeratingly positive is when it promises you that you will become rich or that you can earn a living doing surveys for a few hours each day.

It is false. If you are told that it will make money, then go elsewhere.

You can make surveys a great way of making extra money and getting your opinion heard. However, you must set the right expectations.

Tip 3 – Superficial information:

This point can be viewed in conjunction with the ones above. This means that not all reviews are thorough and don’t include any details.

For example, it could be that reviews don’t give enough information about the site. I have read reviews that for example claim that the survey site Swagbucks is the best site for everyone to join to make money on surveys.

It’s true that it is a great site, and is very popular. It is not accessible to everyone. It is available only to people living in the US, Canada, and the UK.

It is highly likely that the reviewer does not provide details about the site.

There are many options for information that people can include in reviews.

It is important to evaluate how thorough, helpful, and many questions a review answers to determine if the person is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Tip 4: No contact information/person left behind

It could be that the reviewer isn’t trustworthy and doesn’t want to be reached.

Although this is not always true, it is a common practice for sites to try to get you to sign up for survey sites. They almost never provide any information about the person behind the site.

If someone seems to have something to hide, this could be because they are trying to conceal something. In such cases, it would be better to look elsewhere for your information.

What should you do if there is a dishonest review of your purchase?

You will probably find some dishonest reviews when searching for surveys site reviews. It can be hard to find honest ones.

It is the easiest way to respond is to simply leave the site and never return. This is often the best option in many cases.

However, if you are unable to see that the review was made by someone who has put in a lot of effort but does not answer all of your questions, or if you find incorrect information, you may leave a comment. This will allow you to ask questions and inform the person about any irregularities.

My articles are always appreciated by readers. Although I do my best to be as precise and thorough as possible, there are sometimes mistakes or things that go wrong.

I appreciate any feedback or questions, as I know that many other website owners who put a lot of effort into their pages do the same.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give feedback after you have read reviews. If you find the site dishonest or unreliable, it’s best to not leave a comment. They won’t get back to your comment and may even delete it.

Final thoughts

As you can see, reviewing survey sites is a great way of getting the best out of them.

This article should have given you an understanding of the reasons you need to be cautious when reading reviews, and how you can tell if a review is truthful or not.