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We want to look and feel best on our wedding day. Planning your dream wedding may surely bring a lot of stress because of all the points to consider. Some may plan it years or months before to ensure a favorable and satisfying result. The same is true when it comes to planning your bridal hairstyle.

If you’re a bride-to-be and need help in achieving your bridal hair goals, this article is for you. This will give you an overview of the different bridal hairstyles you can pull-off and hair accessories you can add including bridal hair pins, bridal hair flowers, and bridal hair combs.

Bridal Hair Style

The hairstyle is one of our biggest assets to build a pleasant impression. It is not a surprise that some brides-to-be are having a lot of difficult time planning what hairstyles to pull off on their wedding day. We all want to be in control of our hair, right? Before we go on the different hairstyle ideas, let me first give you important things to note regarding your hair preparations and then you can proceed to hair stylist:

Hair Preparations:

  1. It is best to give your hair vitamin treatments 3 months before your wedding. Dull and brittle hair is difficult to style. Do this religiously to repair your hair inside and out.
  2. Have a haircut every 7-10 weeks before your big day. This will leave you split-ends free.
  3. Protect your hair. It pays to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your choice of these products will not leave your hair looking dry and dull. The sooner you do this, the healthier your hair will look during your wedding.
  4. Do not wash your hair on your wedding day! Wash it the night before it, as your natural hair oil will make the style you’ve chosen hold better and look best.

Let’s Move on the Bridal Hair Styles:


Short-haired Brides:

  • You may try having side bangs and adding a flower crown to it that will make you look sweet and romantic.
  • If you love simplicity, you may pin the front of your hair with a sparkling headpiece.
  • You may also want the layered curly bob with side bangs which will make you look young, simple, and beautiful.
  • To look chic, you may try having a pixie cut and pair it with your choice of a flower crown or headpins.
  • If you would want to show-off your head accessory, make your hairstyle as simple as sweeping it to one side and placing your choice of hairpiece on top.

Long-haired Brides:

  • Unlike short-haired brides, long-haired brides have a lot of options, you may do a combination of these hairstyles:
  • A perfectly sleek tight donut bun wrapped around your chosen sparkling or flowery headpiece
  • A rose structured bun to flaunt the length of your tresses paired with a flowery hairpiece or pins
  • A half-up with flower accessories will make you look like a fairy
  • For a chic hairstyle, the French braid never gets old. It will showcase your beauty and charm. It is best paired with a simple hairpin.
  • To add a sweet accent, you may try adding an embellished bow to your simple head bun.
  • For a flattering look, have your hair curled at the ends and accessorize it with your choice of barrette/pins.
  • Loose braids with flowers on the center may be a classic style but it never fails to make you look elegant.
  • A simple sleek and straight will make you look simple and modern. To add coolness, place an accessorized headband on the center part of your head.


Bridal Hair Accessories:

Various hair accessories can be found in the market today. These are as follows:  wedding side tiaras, wedding hair combs, wedding headbands, wedding hair bands, wedding hair vines, wedding tiaras, wedding hair flowers, wedding headpiece, wedding hair clips, wedding hair pins, wedding hair slides, and wedding concord clips. Wow! That’s a lot of choices to choose from. In this article, we’ll just focus on the three most common hair accessories which are the bridal hair combs, bridal hairpins, and bridal hair flowers.

Bridal Hair Combs

For a “must love” final touch, placing an exquisite and timeless bridal hair comb for an accessory. Well, Why not? Weather in vintage, boho, classic weddings it will surely stand out adds up admiration to a bridal hairstyle.

Some tips you might consider: 

  • Bridal Hair. For a classy chignon or gorgeous bun, a statement hairpiece like hair combs is a bombshell. It is stylishly recommended.
  • Placement: Work with your stylist to decide the proper placement of this adorable ornament. A French pleat looks stunning with wedding hair comb worn vertically. For a Marcel Wave, putting it at the side near the temple could create a delicate and sophisticated look.
  • Choosing the perfect color of the bridal hair comb is a must. It should be complementing one’s tone. Either in a classy silver, mystique gold or lavishing rose gold it is deal to pattern it to the pieces of jewelry you will be wearing on your special day. Talking about fashion coordination!
  • Dress detail. Might also consider that the design of your hair centerpiece is in sync to the wedding dress you’ll be wearing on your big day. If your wedding dress is simple or has a simple design, find a hair comb that adds up a sparkle to your dress. If the dress is on focus, the find a simple yet elegant hair comb that is match or will give affirmation to the dress.
  • Little stuff that matters. Always consider the size and your comfort for the bridal hair comb that you will be wearing on your special day.

Bridal Hair Pins

  • A very practical hair accessory to secure an up-do and add a minute delicate spark on someone’s wedding day.

Some tips you might consider:

  • Flower hair pins: for boho and country theme weddings, these are two-thumbs up!
  • Color coordination: Most of these pins have gems. Find a tone- suited color ones that go in line with the wedding theme, giving emphasis on you as the bride and making you feel “belong.”
  • Creating something unique: Like scattering pins throughout and elegant up-do making art creating an authentic stylish look.
  • Simple is fabulous. A simple hairstyle with a single large hairpin just above a side bun creating an effortless pinch of elegance is simply admirable.
  • Crystals and Pearls: Depends on base tone. Classic silver is timeless, gold symbolizes luxury and abundance and rose gold adds romantic glam.

Bridal Hair Flowers

  • An alluring choice for every season, creating a vivid and very feminine look.

Some tips to consider and suggestions:

  • Proper Coordination: must be complimenting your dress if it is simple or floral in concept.
  • Best Position: For classic bun or side chignon, suggest to place it just above.
  • In line with Theme: For modern boho or outdoor wedding, suggest wearing hair flowers at the side of the head in soft or loose waves can pull “The Look!”

Note: Make sure to hire a hairstylist whom you think has the expertise in doing the wedding hairstyle you are dreaming of.

Planning your hairstyle on your wedding day should not be at all stressful. It may take a lot of work and preparation but trust me, it’s also fun! Just be yourself and know what you want. Pull off that hairstyle which reflects your personality and makes you feel you; the hairstyle which can make you confident as you say “yes” to the man of your dreams!

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