Greatest Shopping Tips For Buying A Bed

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These are our top 10 tips to help you shop for a bed when it is time.

Choose the right type of bed

You may be looking for a bed that is space-saving and has storage, or a four-poster bed that looks great in a small bedroom. You bed will be the focal point of your bedroom so make sure it is the right size and style.

This guide will walk you through the major options and their pros.

Measure the space

What amount of space do you have? How big or small of a bed would you like?

If you are moving into a new house, measure your bedroom to ensure that there is enough space for the bed and other furniture.

Find out the size of your bedroom.

Make sure you get the right bed mattress

It is important to choose the right mattress for you. This will ensure that you have a durable bed that provides you with a good night’s rest and supports your body. Contrary to popular belief, a mattress does not have to be very firm in order to be comfortable. The amount of padding you add to your mattress is up to you, as long as the support structure is strong.

We measure the body’s shape when a person is standing and lying down on the mattress. The position of the spine is measured when the person lies on the mattress. A good mattress will keep your spine parallel to the mattress. By rolling thousands upon thousands of mattresses with heavy barrels, we simulate years of mattress use.

The Best Buy mattress will last for many years and support your body, according to our test results. To find the best mattress for you, check out our Crushed velvet bed from Hugo & Sons mattress review. Best Buy mattresses start at PS200.

These are the best places to buy a bed

There are many bed shops available – there are specialist brands like Dreams and Bensons, independents and general furniture shops such as Ikea, Furniture Village and Habitat.

Although online outlets and warehouse shops may offer low-cost beds, it is advisable to test a bed before buying.

To find out which bed shops were highly rated in our survey by Which? members, take a look at our guide to the worst and best shops . Members.

You can try the bed in our shop

According to The Sleep Council, 4 out of 5 bed shoppers spend less time trying on beds in the shop. It’s likely that you’ll spend hours sleeping on the bed, so it’s worthwhile to take time to get familiar with all types of mattresses and beds.

To feel the bed’s comfort, you should lay down on it as you would at home. The mattress should mold to your body and support it.

Bring your partner with you if you are looking for a double bed to share. There may be some compromises needed as people have different tastes.

We test mattresses by letting people of different sizes and shapes lie on them. This allows us to tell which mattresses are best for you. Also, we measure how responsive the mattress feels to your partner turning it on. Learn which are our Best Buy mattresses.

What questions should you ask when visiting a bed shop?

These are the key questions you should ask your bed shop to ensure you get the best value for your money.

  • Is the headboard included with the bed?
  • What will you get with the bed? Fully assembled or need to be assembled?
  • Do you have flexible storage options?
  • Is there a mattress?
  • What is the guarantee on the bed? And for how long?
  • What is the delivery time and cost?

How to get the best bed price

You should approach discounts on beds and other products with a healthy dose cynicism. You might want to check if there is a sale – it might be worth waiting for a few more weeks before you make a purchase.

There are still some great deals to be had. You might find a shop that will match your price if you bring a cheaper deal on the same model online. Do not be afraid to bargain, especially if you’re in an independent shop where assistants might have more power to lower the price or give away a freebie.

Getting your bed delivered

You will need to arrange delivery from the store if you don’t have a van. This delivery charge is likely to be additional so make sure you get a quote before paying any money.

Some shops do not offer weekend or evening delivery. If this is important to your needs, make sure you check before you purchase.

Get rid of your old bed

Your old bed will also need to be disposed of. Ask your shop where you are buying the new bed if they will take away your old bed. Some may charge an additional fee. However, some councils will charge a fee to pick up bulky items like mattresses.

You can recycle wooden bed frames – get in touch to your local council to find out the details of your nearest recycling center or to schedule a pick-up. Or, you can contact the Furniture Re-use Network for a donation.