Crazy World Of Electric Chainsaw

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It had been in NPS18 plus it had been this day’s very first demonstration. They paired up the Fuel Chainsaw Facing a Stihl MS170, an entrance degree gasoline saw. And exactly what would you really realize, the Milwaukee kicked off the crap from it. I’ve been a petrol saw user for nearly my whole lifetime, I had been skeptic. My initial idea was I could replicate the demonstration together with saw experts.

Fast forward nearly a year and I have had sufficient time for you to make utilize of the Milwaukee chainsaw along side my petrol saws. What I have come to see is that both forms of saws have their own place. It Depends upon the Type of work that you Want to do.

It’s a wrap handle along with also an extended rear deal with that’s extremely usable . It’s metal felling dogs including the ones based on battery powered saw. The series brake works such as a string brake onto a petrol saw.

Milwaukee feels and looks as a normal petrol saw.

Secondly, the saw can be really just actually a somewhat quick tiny unit. That is the character of a electric engine although it reaches full controller in a minute. A engine has 100 percent of torque in RPM. That is the engine RPM, perhaps maybe not the series RPM.

Third, the saw additionally uses ordinary off the shelf pub and string size. It utilizes a 16″ Oregon pub with an R56 series. This implies it’s .043″ judge semi-chisel together with 56 drivers. I was in a position to come across the series for less expensive. This is also the exact identical series because the Stihl PMM3. Possess your trader allow you to a loop using 56 links if you are having trouble sourcing a string anyplace.

Fourth and perhaps most essential, the saw works with almost any M-18 battery. It can operate using some one of these but works best with some one of those brand new batteries that are high-output employing the 21700 cells. The M 18 may be your power supply with this saw significance there’s absolutely not any combination.


They should or they mightn’t have enough power to be useful. Together with your chains they’re not as forgiving of a pinch position. I pitched and pinched the series with this saw significantly a lot more than that I love to admit. When utilizing a string, you must focus on just how in which the department or log will fall/twist near the close of the cut. In case Milwaukee might find only just a little bit more juice out with the particular unit, enough to conduct a series, then this saw could get a wider appeal.

Acutely narrow kerf series. Metal string capture for whenever you throw a string.

Another thing which bugs me is how in which the saw shuts when thumping. As a gas saw user, I am utilized to attaching the saw to the timber and sense for this bog down line. With a gas saw when I push too much the string will slow or prevent but let a little and it keeps right onto cutting off. When I push too much, it melts and I must pull the battery out and put it straight in. It requires an visual or audio signal that I am pushing the spurs.

Home run

Although things that bug me personally, this saw is really just a home run provided that it really is in the ideal application. Exactly what exactly are several software that are ideal? Utility get the job done storm cleanup/light home usage shrub trimming, and carpentry are at which this saw really shines.


Here really is actually the best tool with this particular saw. Milwaukee makes a slew of tools, cordless and hands, which are developed for linemen and Utility. Mount a scabbard into both sides of this picker bucket which saw will likely probably remain right where it’s very suitable. I’ve got a buddy Who’s a customer for your Regional and he had been outfitting each truck using these saws Only for trimming usefulness poles.

Want to wash up trees which blew down in a storm or any limbs? That really is the saw. Is the gas saw always set for service as you do not use it? That really is the saw. 1 battery likely will not cut it unless you do not have work to do.

Among the best things concerning a cordless saw is they are therefore silent. That really is essential within a metropolitan setting. This saw isn’t for somebody who really does pruning and trimming however for a tree removal agency. By way of instance, a town employee that prunes and also contours the trees from town parks could come across this saw perfect due to their own job.


For example, it’s useful for cutting lumber framing and also other items which desire a thickness of cut bigger than the circular saw. Even the Milwaukee chainsaw is ideal as it employs exactly the M 18 battery a whole good deal of project site tools utilize and its own only grab and move.


Though the petrol saws can dominate the forests for the near future, there’s still a enormous location for battery powered saws just such as the Milwaukee M-18 Gas Chainsaw. Milwaukee’s very first effort in a cordless chainsaw produced an extremely helpful, very harmonious, and speedy saw. Many chainsaw users may come across that this saw tremendously helpful.

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