Choose The Best Over The Range Microwave For Your Kitchen

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Over-the-range microwave ovens really are a fantastic option when you have limited counter space or prefer an integrated appliance that matches the remainder of one’s appliance package.

And you’re able to find yourself a fresh OTR microwave for as low as $200, excluding installation charges, which vary. Listed here are just eight models at many different prices that function well in our evaluations.

There are a number of drawbacks to OTRs, yet. Even though they have an integrated exhaust fan, they do not port in addition to Rangehoods. Of course, if you are short, you may possibly think it is hard to clear away a piping-hot full plate of soup out of an OTR microwave as the base of the machine is usually 18 inches or over the scope.

“Some newer over-the-range microwaves have become squat and may possibly be tricky to attain whenever you start the doorway or media switches,” says Ginny Lui, that manages Consumer Reports’ microwave analyzing. “Be sure to think about the dimensions and position of the microwave into your kitchen before buying one”

From the laboratory, we assess just how fast and evenly microwaves heat. A microwave’s rate score is dependent on how fast that a microwave exerts a 1-liter full plate of RoomTemperature H20. To get evenness put a full plate of cold mashed potatoes in a microwave, then warm it to 10 minutes, then simply just take temperature readings of their food in 20 distinct areas.

In addition, we incorporate evaluations for called reliability and owner satisfaction–with survey results from associates that purchased nearly 58,000 over-the-range micro-waves in the previous ten decades.

You can find a lot more than 65 good over the range microwave ovens inside our evaluations (and over 80 counter versions). Here, listed in alphabetical sequence –perhaps maybe not so as of CR position –are just eight OTR selections that deliver outstanding performance in our evaluations.

Café CVM721M2NS5

After you tap the glass touchscreen display, the alternatives for cooking and time styles pop into perspective. Additionally, it is first-rate at defrosting and works softly. A detector keeps you from penetrating the meal.

Frigidaire Professional FPBM3077RF

CR’s shoot: This Frigidaire Professional version receives Really great ratings within our evaluations because of the rate of heat, sound, and ventilation. It’s among those finest models we’ve analyzed for simple usage, and we all found it effortless to program out of this box, without even consulting with the owner’s manual. Its capacity to warm objects equally is soso; don’t-get this version if you typically heating up big dishes of food. Frigidaire is among the most reliable brands of OTR micro-waves, as demonstrated by a poll of our associates.

GE Profile PVM9005SJSS

It generates a superb rating within our heating evenness evaluation, by that we re-heat a dish of cold mashed potatoes. The speed of the warmth system is additionally topnotch, also this particular microwave works softly. GE positions in the exact middle of the bunch to get called durability, in accordance with our member poll.

Kitchen-Aid KMHS120ESS

CR’s take: In case you aren’t really just a planner and also you also generally take out something from the freezer to make for supper when you get home in the office, the Kitchen-Aid KMHS120ESS can be just really actually a fantastic alternative for the property. It generates a superb rating on our semi-annual evaluation, by that we defrost inch lb of ground chuck. The Kitchen-Aid additionally conducts the heating evenness evaluation and it is very silent. It’s a cooking detector and features a rack, even in the event that you wish to cook two meals simultaneously.


CR’s take: The LG LMH2235ST can be just actually really a fantastic pick in the event that you usually wind up needing to repaint out something directly from the freezer that generates a superb rating within our revision evaluation. It’s impressive in warming quickly and evenly, too. However, like the majority of OTRs, ventilation is so-so.

It’s a detector to keep you from penetrating the meal, and a stand, if you happen to, would like to cook more than 1 dish at precisely exactly the exact identical moment. LG positions in the exact middle of the bunch to get predicted visibility based mostly on data in our penis poll, however, has an Excellent rating for owner gratification.


It fits with a 9×15-inch baking dish also features a cable rack, so letting you cook two meals simultaneously. It’s built with a detector which turns off the microwave to save you from penetrating the meal. This version generates Quite great evaluations for the rate of heating and cooling evenness, and it vents well, even though –such as the majority of OTRs–less nicely as a passionate scope hood. LG has average marks for called reliability however has an Excellent rating for owner gratification.

Whirlpool WMH53521H

CR’s shoot: a premier celebrity out of Whirlpool, the WMH53521H earns a superb rating within our heating evenness evaluation, meaning that a dish of cold mashed potatoes had no or few cold areas after microwaving. It’s a cooking detector that will help gauge how long and power you will want for every single dish, plus it fits a 9×15-inch dish, so letting you cook a casserole.

This microwave is quite user-friendly, and also our testers noticed that it does not have any discernible flaws. Whirlpool is among the very reliable over-the-range microwave manufacturers within our most recent reliability survey, together with few CR associates coverage breakages previously five decades of usage.

Whirlpool WMH75021HZ

It is rather silent, and also our testers found it user friendly without thumbing through this manual. Whirlpool is among the very reliable over-the-range microwave manufacturers within our most recent reliability survey.

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