Ascension guide for first 5 ascended heroes

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Getting started early on to middle of the video game

This informative guide shows how to start out with ascension and not make mistakes and in addition the best way to be effective with fodder. To begin with ascension is crucial for this video game as it increases the cover of the hero, therefore if a player helps make poor judgements then he could be roadblocked from the hero cap. So to start with let’s talk about earlier video game to middle game (1-160 hero levels) ascensions.

Here you probably won’t have many ascended tier heroes and it’s fine.

In this particular period of the video game renowned heroes can certainly still carry you, so you should be attempting on acquiring Silvina/Vedan, Saveas, Hogan, and Arden to Renowned+. These are generally one of each factions famous+ tier heroes as they are rare they can be easily ascended to Legendary+. You can use the afk arena 2020 codes to ascend faster, but that’ cheating 🙂

Reasoning behind initially 4 hero alternatives

Saveas because he is most beneficial dps solo have earlier to middle game, hogan because he is good container and Arden as he is most beneficial cc (group manage) assistance. Also a excellent carries could be Silvina and Vedan but they are not as effective as Saveas so primarily we still get one of those to Famous+ as they can be utilized on Shemira later on.

Starting to plan out Ascended tier for past due video game

Now after getting among each Faction Heroes to Famous+. You should examine the number of ascended tier hero replicates you might have. Let’s say you might have 2 Top level+ duplicates of on ascended hero, this means that with sufficient fodder it is possible to take them to Mythic+. By doing this you make sure that you a minimum of use a resonating crystal at level 200 with 5 mythic+ heroes.

Strongly recommended heroes

You can find 2 retailers inside the activity that provide certain ascended tier heroes. Along with a new biweekly celebration Voyage of amazing things features a chest with 4 ascended tier heroes choices. This comes in handy as you are able to strategy your ascensions. At the same time you may be functioning towards 3 heroes that you might want to get to ascended.

Top picks from Labyrinth shop:

Initially could be Shemira as she can have you really tough after 161 level. 2nd would be Nemora as she is superb assistance along with a healer.

Leading picks from Challenger retail store:

Smart choice is between Grezhul and Fawkes as they may be both really powerful in some circumstances. Except if you currently have near 8 duplicates of the other heroes from the store it really is suggested to buy those to be able to bring them to ascended.

Best picks from hero choice chest:

Very first is without doubt Lyca as she is a superb help with good damage and can be used dodge reservoir in late activity. For that sleep it is the same as challenger you would like to examine the number of dupes you may have of the heroes and choose.


To always plan ahead and objective to possess a sound plan for initially 5 ascended heroes rather than to produce a large amount of Legendary+ heroes as that utilizes 2 top level+ fodder which may be utilized to take heroes to ascended when you know available guaranteed replicates of them.