Allegedly Haunted and For Sale: Lizzie Borden House

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This haunted bed & breakfast is the site of a grisly, well-publicized murder that took place in 1892.

Although Lizzie Borden was not convicted, it was believed that she had slain her father and stepmother in the small home. Guests have reported a variety of unusual sightings within the house over the years.

Lizzie Borden House was where Lizzie Borden lived with her family. It is famous for its location in the 1892 unsolved double homicide of Andrew and Abby Borden. It is at 230 Second Street, Fall River.


The Mount Washington Hotel is not the only case I have been involved in. It’s a bit closer to home. It’s a ghost that I have searched for over ten years.

One of the most notorious crimes in America is committed at the Lizzie Borden House located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Even if you don’t know much about New England history, you’ve likely heard the rhyme about “the ax and forty whacks.”

Andrew Borden and Abby Borden died from a knife attack in 1892. Andrew’s stepdaughter, Lizzie, was tried and acquitted. This trial was one of the most talked-about news stories of the day. Lizzie, Abby’s stepdaughter, was tried and acquitted of the crime.

I frequently visit the house because I live there. I’ve been there a dozen times the past decade, with small groups as well as to film TV episodes. Season 3 of kindred saw us investigate the Lizzie Borden House. Sue, one of our guides, felt that she was being targeted with an entirely different type of activity.

Andrew Borden is the person we believe to be Andrew Borden. However, we discovered that Sue’s grandparents were sending the activity that we were looking into. They wanted to tell her that they were waiting for her father to get better and that they were ready to help her.

He searched for the home, and he passed away just days later. Sue’s pain was made more accessible by knowing that his parents were still waiting for him.

I’ve seen paranormal activity at the location of the murders many times over the years. It’s a beautiful place to take people who are just beginning to investigate because, almost always, something happens here. I discover that the Borden house is not active, even though it has intense activity. I suspect that the activity in the Borden House is due to a residual haunt.

This means that there is plenty of energy, but not necessarily active ghosts. The supernatural energy is heightened by people who know about Lizzie’s murders and legends. They bring all their speculations and hope to see something strange. You will find newspaper clippings and artifacts throughout the house and in the gift shop.

Borden House is nourished often and well by one of American history’s most notorious actual criminal cases.

Lizzie Borden House is now owned by US Ghost Adventures

In January, Lizzie Borden House came up for sale. It was listed for $2 million. The infamous property, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, is currently used as a bed and bath and museum to honor the sinister legacy of the alleged Ax Murderer. announces that the house has received a good deal, and the buyer is 100% down to continue Borden’s haunting historical legacy.

Lance Zaal, who has no fear of the spirits and ghost world, is Lance Zaal.

Lilly, a magical doll that protects against ghosts and ghouls at Halloween, is his creation. He also owns US Ghost Adventures and offers ghost tours in more than 35 states. And he will soon become the Borden House’s owner.

Once the deal has been inked, Zaal & US Ghost Adventures will take over the deed to the spot where Borden is believed to have used a hatchet to kill her stepmother and father in 1892 brutally.

The mystery surrounding Borden’s deaths, however, was not solved in 1893.

This property still has strange energy.

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The public has had overnight access to this house-turned-murder scene since the 1990s. Guests have reported their horror at the haunting nature of the place. One overnight guest even called it the “most haunted place I’ve ever stayed.” Zaal said that he is determined to keep the business running and has plans to add a few more activities for guests. We will be adding several events for locals and visitors. According to him, we want it to be a place where people can come in just for having a good time.” “We want to provide more reasons for people to visit the venue–more activities and more events.”

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You can also expect themes like Victorian dinners or nightly tours, murder mystery dinners or escape rooms, ghost hunts, or Victorian dinners. Zaal is also planning to add an ax-throwing activity to his guest experience, even looking into producing a Lizzie Borden Axe to sell to guests.

The Lizzie Borden Home is filled with beautiful Victorian pieces.

Zaal explained that US Ghost Adventures is not going to sensationalize Borden’s story. Instead, they will tell the story. “We talk about the history, the people, and the events. Then we talk about hauntings and what people have experienced.”

We are happy to announce that the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum will be open to the public and tell this terrible tale. You can grab your Lizzie Borden property now.


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