7 Cases in Point: How Technology Simplifies Submission Management

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It is no secret that technology is developing and that there is a proliferation of cutting-edge innovations signaling the advent of the digital age. In response, the industrial landscape across the world is quickly incorporating the power of contemporary technology into its operations, setting the pace for rapid expansion and strong competition.

As a result, firms and organizations must employ automated solutions if they want to remain competitive, like one from Checkout Accely site. In this article, we look at the several areas where using automated tools, such as submission management software, might be useful.


7 ways that technology can make submission handling simpler


There is an increasing need to improve the process of gathering, tracking, and managing electronic submissions as a business grows and switches to electronic document management systems.


High volumes of data can be managed more easily by using submission management software. Here, we look at some of the main technological applications for submission management and their advantages:

  • manage human resources
  • asset monitoring and tracking
  • course administration
  • Web analytics and design
  • Management of competitions and events
  • Grants administration
  • programming and development


1. Management of Human Resources

Every organization needs a department for human resources. They contribute significantly to the provision and management of some of the best resources necessary for efficient productivity.


It is clear that the role of human resources inside an organization is crucial to its growth process, serving as the foundation for businesses by providing services ranging from hiring, training, and retaining qualified personnel to maintaining and tracking large volumes of data and company resources.


It can be quite difficult to use the standard management method in this situation, especially as the firm expands. It might be challenging to sort through existing talent pools (i.e., collections of resumes submitted) in search of the ideal candidates with the ideal skill set to hire or to keep track of numerous applications.


Thus, this procedure can be streamlined by using an application submission software tool. Volumes of data are analyzed more quickly because to integrated features like organization and classification.


2. Asset monitoring and tracking

Another delicate subject that requires great consideration and supervision is property management. This is an area that requires a lot of documentation and contractual agreements, which calls for careful oversight to prevent disputes and losses.


This characteristic is frequently defined by remoteness and the requirement for movement brought on by the need to follow assets across numerous places. This is then demonstrated by the requirement to process large amounts of information and challenging online document uploads.


It might be difficult, especially in a short amount of time, to organize many applications for rentals, leases, and bookings in different locations. In this form, a submission management system helps by automating the process and serving as a virtual assistant.


Technology has improved to the point where smart contracts or form automation can automate contractual agreements and the documentation of clients’ information. Transparency in transactions and communication is made possible by these techniques.


Through the arrangement of pertinent data for quick retrieval, prompt reminders of all occurrences, and control over who has access to the papers, a submission management system makes sure that assets are readily managed.


3. Course Administration

The development of a virtual learning environment, where educational technology is used to many areas of academic programs offered both within and outside of educational institutions, has improved due to technological development.


Employing automated solutions to streamline operations is essential because content management, communication, and administration are some of the key components of the conventional virtual learning environment. Users can track, save, and manage access to the many resources accessible for educational delivery by using a submission management system.


This system is distinguished by a variety of submissions that provide substantial amounts of data for analysis. It is essential to organize this type of data and keep track of contributions. Therefore, automating this process enables an online submission tool to check entries and organize data for quick access and referencing whenever necessary.


4. Web Analytics and Design

The measurements and levels of analysis used are one of the key characteristics that set design firms apart from other businesses. Companies that specialize in web design stand out in particular for their many moving elements. Additionally, there is a great requirement for coordinated activities. To be innovative, developers, designers, customer service agents, and a lot of other people must collaborate.


This means that by centralizing the numerous types of information presented by these parties, the interoperability of multiple automated systems to produce original, market-friendly contents is better controlled.


This is specifically where SaaS fits in an enterprise. For web design firms, a decent submission management tool serves as a SaaS by simplifying all data and providing real-time information on the status of the project.


5. Competition and Award Management

If not managed properly, managing and preparing an awards ceremony may be a nightmare. There are several aspects involved, and even the smallest of them can influence your event. In this situation, setting a clear purpose, choosing a theme for the event, and spreading the word might not be sufficient to handle the volume of data you’ll need to examine.


In accordance with 2019 event statistics, 81% of event managers concur that communication and organizational abilities are crucial for any event professional. Additionally, about 75% agreed that having passion, adaptability, and good time management were crucial traits.


In order to make the most of your time and work, consider employing an automated option like an application submission software program. With the help of this program, you could design an automation application form that would help you gather information about the event’s requirements and streamline your workflow.


Gaining appropriate knowledge about the competitors’ and applicants’ qualifications and eligibility for the prize is crucial when conducting a contest or promotional feature for your company.


You can build and analyze automated forms from a variety of applications by using the submission management procedure, and you can manage them all in one location.


6. Grants Administration

Due to the nature of their missions, foundations are frequently compelled to deal with a massive amount of applications and processing. Additionally, grant-seeking businesses frequently lack the time and resources necessary to complete the lengthy application procedure.


Consequently, it is crucial to have digital solutions to streamline the application process. A submission management solution enhances grant procedures by streamlining the application process and segmenting it into several phases for straightforward analysis and transparency.


7. Development and Software

Every software company is aware of the role patents play in corporate growth. Patenting entails a lot of specifics and dynamic elements that change with every place and may take some time. A submission management system is thus one of the tools required nowadays for software companies.


This solution aids businesses in contingency planning, streamlines the entire patent application process, and arranges their work data to comply with regulatory standards. The legalities of licensing and teamwork are another concern for software companies.


Working along with an outside automated tool, such as submission management software, enables them to work more productively and organize all the data needed for their process.


The importance of submission management software

An industrial paradigm change has occurred globally. It emphasizes the requirement for the use of cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline outdated operational systems. Businesses are able to reduce production hours and anticipate rising productivity trends thanks to automated tools like submission management software.


As a result, businesses and organizations all over the world are able to modernize their workflow, track their progress, identify any bottlenecks, and make necessary improvements to increase their overall work efficiency.